Have you heard that new Lorde song? What do you think? I like it. Sure, it’s a little different than what we’ve come to expect from her, but I enjoyed it. Really looking forward to the whole album dropping.

Anyway, yep, another week in the books. It’s Friday, baby. So why don’t you queue up “Solar Power,” crack your knuckles, and read some good tweets we rounded up. After all, the weekend is coming and we all deserve a nice laugh. 

So here they are, our 22 favorite tweets of the week.

1. Love a meat cube park

2. RUDE and I am not 32 yet

3. Feels like they don’t even really appreciate it

4. Truly a gorgeous vessel

5. Yikes, tough but fair assessment of…everything

6. This is very true and I’m glad Jessica Biel recognizes this fact

7. All facts, no fluff

8. A reckoning is upon us

9. Obligatory dril tweet

10. And another

12. Good opinion, in my opinion

13. Otherwise known as the Online Experience

14. Cow

15. Fauci’s silence on this matter speaks volumes

16. A pandemic vibe

17. *Extreme Mare of Easttown voice* Leauki of Asgard

18. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now

19. “Do you like drums?” … “Not Really.” 

20. The first fact is obviously related to the other

21. Fireworks illegal in Pasadena

22. And finally, this