Everyone struggles with some form of muscle tension, so we have tracked down a list of impressive electric massagers for overcoming those aches and pains.

We know that you’re tense at the moment. We’re tense too. Everyone is tense, OK? 

We could all benefit from a professional massage, preferably somewhere picturesque by someone who really knows what they’re doing. Probably with lots of candles, some atmospheric music, and maybe a few essentials oils in the air.

All of that sounds absolutely amazing, but it’s just not something you can expect to receive on a regular basis. If you want regular release from tension, you are better off considering an electric massager. These devices can help to reduce pain and tightness, increase mobility, and aid in the recovery from injuries.

There are plenty of top quality devices out there for every budget, and we have tracked down a selection of the very best for you to consider. We wouldn’t want you spending hours of your time researching devices and reading reviews. This is all about finding a release from tension, not adding to it.

We have lined up four of the best devices from top brands like Theragun, HoMedics, and RENPHO. All you need to do is check out this roundup and pick your favourite. We’re sure you can stretch to that.

These are the best electric massagers in 2020.

Six attachments • Battery life • Powerful • Bluetooth enabled
Reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility, and increase relaxation with this powerful massager.

Theragun PRO

One of the most powerful percussive therapy devices with the features to help you recover.

If you’re looking for a relaxing massage, the Theragun PRO probably isn’t the device for you. This is a seriously powerful percussive therapy device that helps with muscle soreness, mobility, and relaxation.
The Theragun PRO is one of the most advanced recovery tools on offer, with a continuous battery life, rotating arm, and brushless motor. It works hard to stimulate circulation, generate heat, and release your deepest tension.
The Therabody app connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to deliver customised routines. The app will even guide you through each wellness routine, showing you all the unexpected ways the device can help enhance your life.

Plush materials • Adjustable headrest and cushion back flap • 14 massage programs • Two double massage nodes
Not suited to very tall users • A little noisy
Treat your back and shoulders with 14 massage programs that help you relax at home.
The ShiatsuMax 2.0 is the latest massage chair from HoMedics, a brand that specialises in electric massagers.
It’s designed with comfort in mind, with a simple remote control and 14 massage programs to help you relax at home. You can adjust the height and width of the massage reach, and the headrest is also adjustable. You can add heat to your shiatsu experience and intensify the massage by penetrating warmth deeper into the muscles to stretch and loosen stiff tendons. 
This massage chair is designed with plush materials and a luxury finish, and should sit naturally in most homes. Nobody wants a massage chair that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Four powerful deep-kneading massage nodes • Optional heating function • Adjustable speed settings • Elastic strap
Finding the right spot isn’t always that easy
This massager uses heat to reduce back, neck, feet, and shoulder blade pain.

RENPHO Shiatsu

This device provides four powerful deep-kneading massage nodes and a reinforced heating function.

The RENPHO Shiatsu massager features four shiatsu nodes that work on those annoying knots and kinks.
The heating feature and kneading massage nodes combine to provide the strength of a professional massage. This device is ideal for people who sit at desks or drive for long periods of time, as it can relieve back and shoulder tension, improve blood circulation, and ease headache pain.
You can choose whether or not to add heat, and you can also adjust the speed settings. The heating feature provides additional comfort to your tender areas without hurting your skin. This massage pillow automatically shuts off after 15 minutes for safety and comfort. 

Eight bi-directional rotation knots • Optional heating therapy mode • Three adjustable intensities • Cheap
Can feel a bit cumbersome
This massager is designed for relaxation, stress relief, and anxiety reduction.

MARNUR Shiatsu

This massager offers eight rotation knots with optional heating and three adjustable intensities.

The MARNUR Shiatsu massager uses eight bi-directional rotation knots with optional heating therapy mode and three adjustable intensities to provide a relaxing experience whenever you need it.
It’s made out of premium breathable mesh and PU leather, meaning heat is dispersed easily and you stay comfortable for the duration of the massage. The 15-minute intelligent timer reminds you when to finish your treatment.
You also get a power adapter and car adapter, meaning you can enjoy a deep tissue massage wherever you want, even in the car.

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