These Wireless Earbuds Promise 360 Hours of Battery Life

The Hypersonic 360’s charging case is actually a portable magnetic charger that fully supports Apple’s MagSafe feature, so if you’ve got an iPhone, you can stick it to the back of your device and charge it up at the same time. The company doesn’t explicitly specify the mAh capacity of the battery, but promises it can recharge a dead smartphone to 50% capacity in roughly 25 minutes, or keep the pair of wireless earbuds that embed themselves in the bottom powered for 360 hours. That’s enough juice to keep them running for over two straight weeks, or almost an entire year assuming you only listen to music or podcasts for an hour every day.

With a price tag starting at $139 we’re not anticipating these to be the best sounding wireless earbuds currently available, but they do include a “Hyper Definition Spatial Engine” which attempts to reproduce the Spatial Audio functionality Apple heavily promotes these days. The earbuds also offer iPX6 sweat and water-resistance, an hour of playtime after just a five-minute charge, but any noise reducing benefits are accomplished passively by creating a tight seal in the ear canal using the four sets of included silicone ear tips.

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