In the opening chapters of the Resident Evil 4 remake, you will come across strange shrines erected by a cult. These can be interacted with, but prompt you to use an item. Unfortunately, you won’t even have the chance to open the first couple you find since the item required to open them can’t be picked up until a bit later — and only if you know where to search for it. But it’s ro say that the treasures you get from them make it worth your time to backtrack and grab all the goodies inside. Here’s how you can open all the Wayshrines in the Resident Evil 4 remake, and what each one holds inside.

How to get the Wayshrine Key

A map of the mural shrine.

Surprise surprise, but Wayshrines can only be opened once you grab the Wayshrine Key. It will feel like a long time, but you can’t even access the key until you reach Chapter 4 and beat Del Lago. Once you can explore the lake, head south to the Mural Cave. Deep in the caves, you will find an ornate cabinet after solving the puzzle in the cave. You can get there by going down the path from the southern dock and through the section with the two large stone hands. Thankfully, unlike Small Keys, the Wayshrine Key is reusable and can open every Wayshrine in the game.

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How to 0pen Wayshrines

An open wayshrine with a bracelet inside.

Now that you’ve got the Wayshrine Key, it’s time to do some backtracking to all those Wayshrines you were forced to pass by. In total, you will need to go back and open five to reap all the rewards. Here’s the location of each, as well as what treasures they hold for you:

  1. In the farm area you come to following the critical path of the story immediately after the opening village section, go to the northeast side and behind the barn. Crack the Wayshrine open and claim your Antique Pipe.
  2. Continue forward into the Lakeside Settlement, which you probably recall as the area where villagers first started spamming dynamite at you. To the left of the main house is a small path that leads to a dead end with the shrine. Use your key and pick up the Pearl Bangle.
  3. On the path from the Merchant shop to the Church, which takes you through the Quarry, stop between the Quarry and the area with the Merchant to snag this Wayshrine’s pize. This time, it’s a Butterfly Lamp.
  4. This area isn’t named on your map, but if you ride your boat farther down the river past the Large Cave Shrine, you will find an area to dock on the left side. There’s not much besides the shrine here, which is protecting the Splendid Bangle.
  5. The final Wayshrine is right as you’re about to leave the village and enter the castle in the Checkpoint area. Right outside the house where you are first attacked by two chainsaw-wielding female villagers, the shrine is on the far southwest side of the area, and you can reach it by going to the second floor of the house and taking the platform outside. This one will contain the Elegant Headdress.

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