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Our verdict on this morning’s deals

How’s it going? James Pickard here, tagging in from Julia Sagar to bring you the latest on this year’s Amazon Black Friday sale.

So, just how good are the deals this morning?

In terms of new offers, one that stands out immediately is the record-low price for the LG C1 65-inch OLED TV. This was a hot product in previous years – and while it’s now a slightly older display – it’s still a fantastic TV. As we said in our five-star review, the LG C1 is the best TV from 2021 with excellent picture quality and support for high-performance gaming on current-gen consoles.

And that’s just one of the new offers.

Outside of TVs, there are big savings on gaming laptops, smart home tech, PCs, toys, appliances and more. I’ll pick out some highlights over the next few hours, or you can just through to Amazon now and browse for yourself.


Marshall Major IV wireless headphones on gray background

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These earbuds are a bit rock n roll 

Becky Scarrott, Senior Audio Staff Writer, TechRadar

Wouldn’t life be boring if every ear you saw had an ice-white Apple stem hanging out of it? 

Maybe you want the portable, wire-free music experience but you don’t want to follow the herd. Maybe you prefer a slightly more vintage aesthetic – albeit one benefitting from all of the latest wireless Bluetooth technology. 

We get it. Marshall (or, to give the company its full moniker, Marshall Amplification) does too, for it is a gloriously rock-steady UK audio outfit founded in 1962 by Jim Marshall. 

Every Marshall product somehow looks like a guitar amp, even when it’s a set of tiny earbuds. And that is what we have here, as well as a stunning pair of wireless on-ears, both discounted for Black Friday and both as cheap as we’ve ever seen them. 


More cheap deals – under $25

We’ve already rounded up some great deals under $50 – but if your budget is lower than that, there are also hundreds of items under $25 at Amazon for Black Friday.


9 deals under $50 at Amazon

There are hundreds of cheap gift ideas in the Amazon Black Friday sale – here are 14 that caught our eye.


Should you buy the Kobo Libra 2 or Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

Choosing the best ereader isn’t easy. Do you go for the market leader, Amazon’s Kindle, and if so, what’s the best Kindle? Or do you try a different brand, like Kobo (which has also been around a long time, since 2010)? 

Both are at their lowest price ever today in the Amazon Black Friday sale. Both have front lights, both are waterproof and both have a ‘dark mode’. 

However, the Libra 2 is good value with no confusing options, more storage by default and a better ergonomic design. It’s also got a very slightly larger display. we gave it a full five stars in our Kobo Libra 2 review.

The Paperwhite, meanwhile, costs more and lacks page-turn buttons, but it has a glass front and a faster processor. And if you go for the more expensive Paperwhite Signature Edition ($129 down from $189.99 at Amazon) you’ll also get wireless charging and an auto-adjusting display. We gave it 4.5/5 in our review.

For us, the winner is the Kobo Libra 2. Newer models from other brands have arrived since its launch, but it’s a a fantastic all-around champion that still holds strong to its place as our #1 choice of ereader.

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Is the cheapest TV on Amazon worth buying?

Amazon’s Black Friday TV deals seem to get cheaper and cheaper every year, so much so that, incredibly, you can now buy a smart display for under $100. It’s true that at this price you tend to see the real budget models or own-brand displays, but we’re always surprised by how cheap the retailer offers them over Black Friday.

Take this one, for example:

We haven’t reviewed it here at TechRadar, but we can give you our honest opinion, based on the fact that we review dozens of TVs every year.

So, yeah, it’s 24 inches, which is tiny in comparison to most common TV sizes today (it’s more like a computer monitor). That said, it has got some surprisingly good features for the money. 

The biggest positive of this display is that it has Amazon Fire TV built right in, so you don’t have to pair it up with a Fire TV Stick or equivalent to get full access to all the best streaming services or compatibility with Echo devices. It’ll basically work right out of the box and get you streaming Amazon Video or Netflix in no time – and it’s small enough to fit on nearly any desk or tabletop. 

What we don’t like is the 720p resolution. For a display in 2022 – even one that’s 24 inches – that’s lacklustre. The 32-inch version for $99 features this same 720p resolution, too, which will look even worse on a slightly bigger screen size. 

Based on that, if you can afford it, we’d recommend opting for a slightly bigger display like this one.

This 43-inch Amazon-branded display has the same handy Fire-TV smart features as the cheapo Insignia but has a much, much improved 4K resolution. It also supports HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Plus for an improved picture quality overall.


Moving on…

And now for a change of pace: let’s take a look at Amazon’s TV offers. It’s no secret that we’ve seen some fantastic Black Friday TV deals over the last month – not just at Amazon but across all major retailers. 

This morning, Amazon has a superb selection of deals on everything from our best-rated TV of 2022, the LG C2 OLED TV – which is on sale for a record-low price of $1,296.99 (opens in new tab) – to smart displays under $100. If you’re struggling to decide what you need, we’ve got some advice coming up…

See all TV deals at Amazon


Nintendo Switch OLED black Friday savings

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Super-low Nintendo Switch OLED bundle alert – but not at Amazon

Julian Benson, Editor in Chief, TechRadar Gaming

This one isn’t in the Amazon Black Friday sale, but we think it’s too good to miss…

If you have a Nintendo Switch already and know you mostly play in handheld mode, or you think that’s how you’ll use it if you buy one, the Nintendo Switch OLED is an upgrade that’s well worth considering. Its larger, brighter screen is a marked improvement over the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. 

The console itself is going for the historic low price of £349 at Amazon, but this bundle deal at Dell is excellent value if you’re looking to set yourself up with some games and accessories. For $399.99 you can get the console, a third-party Switchplate controller and a copy of Splatoon 3 – one of the best first-party games on the Nintendo Switch.

However, if you plan to mostly play the console in docked mode on your TV, have a look at our Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals round up instead, because you won’t feel the benefit of the OLED’s upgrades, and you may get a better offer on the older model. 


Seagate Expansion Card with a 'Don't Miss' Badge beside it

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This must-have Xbox Series X accessory just got a major discount

Vic Hood, associate editor, TechRadar Gaming

If you regularly have to delete games off your Xbox Series X|S to make room for more, consider picking up a 1TB Seagate Expansion Card, which is currently discounted to under $200 at Amazon (opens in new tab). All you have to do is slide the card into the back of your console and, hey presto, you get extra storage. 

While a 512GB option is available, we recommend the 1TB as it provides plenty of extra space to hold a multitude of great Xbox Series X games, including chunky titles like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. 

It’s still a hefty price tag, and we’ve seen the card drop lower in price than this before (only by $10 though), but it’s a decent Black Friday Xbox Series X deal for one of the best Xbox Series X accessories around.

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Get ready…

Right, we’re seeing some great gaming deals at Amazon at the moment. Incoming…


Amazon Black Friday vs Amazon Prime Day

Aside from Black Friday, the next biggest sale held by the retailer is Amazon Prime Day in the summer – so how do the events compare?

The main difference we often see between the two is around the offers on Amazon’s own devices such as the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, Kindle and so on. Usually, the biggest discounts are reserved for Amazon’s members-only event, and they’re either repeated (or slightly less) during other sales such as Black Friday.

We’ve already seen that this year: Fire TV Sticks were available for up to $5 less during Amazon Prime Day, for example. 

So, for those kinds of devices, it’s often better to buy in the summer.

However, the sheer variety of products on sale over Black Friday can make up for those extra discounts over Prime Day. Even in the early sales, there are countless items that are available for their lowest prices ever – including TVs, laptops, appliances and much more.


Pink DualSense next to a Price Cuts deal

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PS5 DualSense controller drops to its lowest price

Vic Hood, associate editor, TechRadar Gaming

On the hunt for great Black Friday PS5 controller deals? You’re not alone. While the PlayStation 5 console comes bundled with a DualSense controller as standard, you may be looking to upgrade on Sony’s original offering or simply to add more gamepads to your collection for when friends come around.

Right now, the DualSense is at its lowest price yet in the US: $49 – down from $69. Amazon isn’t the only retailer with this deal: Walmart has also reduced the PS5 controller by $20, as has Best Buy, so you can take your pick.

Meanwhile third-party manufacturer Scuf is offering 20% off all its custom PS5 controllers. There’s also a decent discount on one of our favorite premium alternatives. 

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illustrated face holding an Oculus Quest 2

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Is the Oculus Quest Black Friday bundle any good?

Just a matter of months ago, Meta increased the price of the Oculus Quest 2 by $399 – a huge jump of $100 from the previous price of $299. Even in a time of high inflation and increasing costs, it was a bombshell.

So, is the fact you can now get an Oculus Quest 2 for $349 during Black Friday any good?

In our eyes, it’s actually very good, considering this year’s offer also includes the VR headset and two games for $349. 

We rate it as one of the best VR headsets you can buy, and sure, you’re still paying more than you would have earlier in the year, but when you factor in the value of the two games included as well, it’s actually a solid price.

And these aren’t two random or rubbish games, either. The first is Beat Saber: perhaps the VR headset’s most iconic title that takes the rhythm game in a fun and exciting new direction. The other is Resident Evil 4 VR: a seminal survival horror game when originally released that translates impressively to the new format.

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13 of the best deals in Amazon’s Black Friday sale

Mackenzie Frazier, Deals Editor, TechRadar

I’ve had a first-pass at Amazon’s Black Friday sale, and many of the deals have carried over from the retailer’s early sales – but there are some new offers as well. Here are 13 top deals that have caught my eye so far.


sony wf-1000xm4

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Five-star earbuds at their cheapest price ever

The excellent Sony WF-1000XM4 true wireless earbuds are currently on sale at Amazon for the lowest price we’ve seen so far.

We awarded these top-tier, class-A Sony buds the full five stars in our Sony WF-1000XM4 review. They deliver stunning sound quality, strong active noise cancellation and a solid eight hours of battery life. 

This discount isn’t exclusive to Amazon – Walmart has them at the same price this morning – but if you’ve got Prime, you can get same-day delivery at Amazon so you’ll get them faster. Either way, if you’re looking for a deal on some of the best noise-cancelling earbuds this Black Friday, then you’ve just found them. 


And… we’re live!

Amazon’s 48-hour Black Friday sale has officially started.


Clock ticking

Less than 30 minutes to go

The clock is ticking: Amazon’s Black Friday sale launches in 25 minutes. Stay tuned for “millions” of deals – we’re on hand to bring you all the best ones here, and we’ll tell you the ones to avoid too…


Should you buy the MacBook Air M1 (2020) – or the newer M2 (2022)?

Matt Hanson, Managing Editor, Core Tech, TechRadar 

The 13-inch MacBook Air (M1, 2020) has returned to its lowest-ever price. There’s no question that it’s incredible value for money, but it’s no longer the newest model. So: should you buy the newer and more powerful MacBook Air (M2, 2022), or the better-value and still excellent MacBook Air (M1, 2020)?

It’s a tricky choice, which is a testament to just how good the older laptop is.

The MacBook Air (M2, 2022) brings some big changes, both inside, with the new M2 chip, and on the outside, with a radical redesign. If you want a modern experience and upgraded performance, it’s the way to go. The new design is great, it’s more portable, and the screen is a big step up. The M2 could also prove to be a big upgrade.

However, the MacBook Air (M1, 2020) is a lot cheaper, which makes it incredibly tempting. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a laptop, choose this one, as it offers excellent value for money, while also being a great all-around performer. And that’s true even more so today, now that the MacBook Air M1 is down to its lowest price ever at Amazon.

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A Rose Gold MacBook Air keyboard against a butterscotch background with a TechRadar Don't Miss badge

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It’s the right time to buy an M1 MacBook Air

Allisa James, Computing Staff Writer, TechRadar

If you’re in the market for a MacBook Air, you’re in luck: the 13-inch MacBook Air (M1, 2020) has plummeted in price to just $799 at Amazon (opens in new tab). That’s a $200 discount on the older-but-still-excellent laptop, and returns it to the cheapest price we’ve seen.

Even though the 2020 model has been superseded by the more powerful (and more expensive) new MacBook Air M2 (2022), it still sits at number three in our best laptops guide. 

We gave it 4.5/5 stars in our Apple MacBook Air (M1, 2020) review: its performance is incredible thanks to the powerful M1 chip, and the battery life is excellent. It’s easily the best value laptop money can buy right now, and a great choice for work or school. It’s also great for watching movies.

Best Buy has the same deal – but Walmart can’t match it this morning (the same model is $888.88 at Walmart). 

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What to expect in the Amazon Black Friday sale

So what new deals will drop when the sale gets underway at midnight?

Well, it’s likely that many of the existing discounts will remain available. As we’ve seen over the last few years, many offers that go live in early November actually stay the same through Black Friday and into December. Increasingly Black Friday doesn’t have the huge price-drop spike that we saw in the past; instead prices drop earlier and the deals run for longer.

That said, Amazon did confirm a few more in its initial sale announcement. They are:

  • Up to 50% off select Fire TV devices
  • Up to 30% on De’Longhi Espresso Machines
  • Up to 40% on select laptops, desktops, and monitors from HP and Dell
  • Up to 40% on the NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle
  • Up to 30% off select Peloton accessories and apparel
  • Up to 30% on select toys from Play-Doh, Transformers, and Nerf
  • Save on kitchen products from Cosori, KitchenAid, Ninja, and Vitamix

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Echo Dot

(Image credit: Future)

A Black Friday classic: Echo Dot for $24.99

Here’s one you don’t need to wait until midnight for…

Amazon has already cut the price of its latest Echo Dot by 50% – dropping the price to $24.99. Amazon’s smart speakers are always a classic Black Friday bargain, and this deal is particularly notable because Amazon only released the new Echo Dot 5th Gen at the end of September – this is the first time it’s been on sale. 

We’ve not reviewed it yet, but according to Amazon it has improved audio – specifically, up to 50% less distorting, and yet up to twice the bass at the same time – as we reported at the time.

Right now, it costs the same as the excellent fourth-gen version, which we awarded 4.5/5 stars in our Echo Dot 4th-gen review, so we’d go for the newer model. If you’re not sure where to start with smart home tech, here’s your answer.


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Welcome to our coverage of the Amazon Black Friday sale

Thanks for joining us this morning. 

Hold on, you may be thinking, haven’t there been Black Friday deals at Amazon for the majority of November already? It’s true, the retailer has had early offers for a few weeks, but tomorrow marks the true start of the Amazon Black Friday sale.

Whether it makes that big a difference remains to be seen, but Amazon has said the event will run for 48 hours across November 24 and 25. Thousands of new offers are set to go live – including a selection of limited-time lightning deals every 30 minutes.

These include price cuts of up to 70% on Amazon’s own smart home devices, coffee machines, toys, appliances, Samsung, HP, Dell, Bose and Xbox – as well as a brand new Nintendo Switch bundle.

Stay tuned for regular updates on some of the best early deals in the run-up and then we’ll share our top picks from the fresh batch of Amazon offers once they go live at midnight. Whatever they may be.

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