Apple’s big event is scheduled for October when the world can get to see its flagship  iPhone 12 series. Now, leading up to this year’s event, which would be a virtual one given the Covid-19 pandemic, come reports of the tech giant abandoning two of its existing models, the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Not surprising, given that Apple had let go of the bulky iPhone XS and its bulkier big brother iPhone XS Max coinciding with the launch of the iPhone 11 series this time last year. However, there is a difference this time as both the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max were definitely more successful than Apple’s 2018 offerings. 

Reports of the move surfaced via the twitter handle iAppleTimes which claimed that not only would the iPhone XR and two of the iPhone 11 models disappear from the market, the iPhone 11 would also receive a significant $150 price cut one Apple gets through with the iPhone 12 launch event. 

Given that the iPhone SE 2020 launched by Apple earlier this year is considerably more powerful than the iPhone XR, it makes sense to abandon the latter. Given that the model was assembled in India since last year, there could be some good price cuts coming our way in the country on any existing stock. 

Sources at Apple India refused to confirm or deny the move, but told us that going forward Apple’s vendor partners in India would be focusing on the iPhone 11 for now and may also end up getting a piece of the iPhone 12 pie by next year, for which manufacturers like FoxConn and Pegatron have brought in new investments. 

iPhone XR was a hit

Moreover, the iPhone XR had commanded user interest in India due to its sharper curves and sleeker looks, both of which are absent from the iPhone SE 2020, which appears to look like a refurbished iPhone 8 from the past. The question though is would Apple’s India fans prefer the boxy iPhone SE or go with the iPhone 11 which could cost a shade lower than the device released earlier this year. 

Of course, in case you are actually looking to upgrade an existing iPhone, we would suggest that you wait a month longer. Once Apple launches the iPhone 12, there is every likelihood of a substantial price cut not only on the iPhone 11 models, but also on the limited iPhone XR stocks that could be lying around. 

The story around the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max looks rather straightforward in comparison. Because when the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max reaches the market, it would come enabled with 5G and though India is still far away from enabling the latest network, Apple believes it makes no sense having inferior competition. 

Also, when the iPhone XR, which was the real hit from the 2018 launch, is all set to be laid to rest, why would the two other models that didn’t bring in the big bucks upon launch fare any better? 

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