Beats has announced new colors of its Studio Buds earbuds that will go on sale beginning tomorrow: blue, gray, and pink. They join the existing black, white, and red options that have been available since last year. The price remains unchanged at $149.99.

All colors of the Studio Buds can be purchased from Apple, but they’re being divvied up among third-party retailers: Amazon gets gray, Best Buy will have the blue, and Target is selling the pink buds. Beats says the Studio Buds have become “the fastest-selling Beats product to date, globally” in their first year on the market. Alongside some new hues, Beats is also adding new features for Android phone owners.

The Studio Buds also remain available in black, red, and white.
Image: Beats

There’s now a “Locate My Beats” feature for tracking down your misplaced Studio Buds — or any other earbuds that support the Beats app — and you can add a widget to your home screen to keep an eye on battery life or switch between different listening modes (noise canceling, transparency, and so on).

See, now these I’d pay good money for. Why won’t you make them real, Beats?
Image: Beats

Personally, I’m a much bigger fan of the Beats Fit Pro than the Studio Buds, but there are a few people on The Verge’s editorial staff that really enjoy the cheaper set. I just wish Beats would release the transparent purple pair that was shown in one of its product design videos. I’d spring for those immediately.

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