TLDR: The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle is a five-app masterplan for honing your mind, body and soul.

Right about now, we all wish we had a few aces up our sleeve to help get through the day. A few hidden skills and abilities that can make a difference for ourselves and those around us. We might not strap on a cape or fight crime, but developing some superpowers to give us an added edge here or there isn’t just comic book or Marvel movie talk.

In fact, it’s actually entirely doable to start stacking up superpowers like DC stacks up movie flops. With the training in The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle ($79, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals), you can reshape your body, mind and will to turn yourself into a virtual superhuman at home or the office.

Being able to learn and converse in another language is a superpower in itself — and with this uTalk subscription, you’ll be able to add two new languages to your skillset at your own pace. The uTalk process was created by scientists, researchers and linguists, who crafted an intensive, yet intuitive method for immersing learners with native speakers and a host of app-based tools to help language acquisition come quickly and naturally. Each of their 140 potential languages have up to 180 hours of training material behind them, so between lessons, games and vital assessments, you’ll be fluent in your new language in no time.

Of course, one way to speed up that learning is to literally speed up. The 7 Speed Reading method leads students through basic steps that eliminate bad reading habits to help boost your reading speed up to three times fast while retaining all of it. As your pace quickens, the app keeps a close eye on how you’re doing and tests your comprehension, then adjusts your lessons to help address any problem areas.

With your brain moving at a lightning pace, it’s a good time to dive into the massive archive that is the Integrity Training course catalog. You’ll have access to literally hundreds of courses, covering professional improvement subjects that can unlock new opportunities in your career. From IT certification, project management, business skills and cyber security, to web and app development, sales and marketing, big data, blockchaining and more, the learning options are endless — and all included.

With all this action happening, you’ll also have MindFi to help make sure your mental health is just as on point as your intellect. The app is full of science-based mindfulness life hacks like 1-minute meditations, digital detoxes, ways to chase away anxiety or turn you into a better leader, even teach you how to meditate while never closing your eyes. 

Of course, looking like a superhuman should be part of the equation as well — so the Fitterclub app also stands ready to whip your body into true superhero shape. From exercise regimens to nutrition programs, Fitterclub fashions your fully customized plan for reaching your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, add muscle, get cut or just get metabolically healthy, Fitterclub’s approach puts you on track to achieving your personal fitness peak.

An almost $3,000 value, this five-step package to making you a human paragon is now hundreds off, just $79 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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