PC gaming is a lot of fun, not just because of the vast variety of games on offer, but because if you take things one step further, you can build the gaming PC of your dreams – right from scratch. There’s a subtle satisfaction that comes from being able to choose all the various components and features you’re looking for, and watching them all come together to form your perfect gaming PC.

When building a gaming PC, you’ll want to have a decent budget in mind that can accommodate expensive components such as the GPU and CPU. You’ll also want to make up your mind if you’re willing to spend the extra cash on exactly the component you’re looking for or if you’re willing to compromise a bit and get say a slightly less powerful GPU or a small hard drive. Whatever components you choose, make sure you check out our guide on how to build your own PC for all kinds of helpful tips and tricks. 

Ready to start building your own gaming PC? We’ve listed some of our favorite components on this page to build a really strong gaming PC that will last you for a while before needing to upgrade. 

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