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Individually, these courses would total nearly $2,000.
Individually, these courses would total nearly $2,000.

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TL;DR: Access hundreds of lectures with The Pro Photography and Photoshop 20 Course Bundle for $39.99, a 97% savings as of June 28.

You’ve already binge-watched all that you can, cleaned all you can clean, and even read that stack of books piled up by your bed. Now it’s time to try something new, like this Pro Photography and Photoshop 20 Course Bundle.

With 20 online courses spanning over 100 hours of content, this bundle covers pretty much anything you need to know to take amazing photos and edit them to produce stunning final projects. Whether you want to enhance your Instagram feed, boost the visuals on your personal or professional website, or even launch a side hustle in these uncertain times, these courses will give you the skills to do so.

You’ll kick things off with a photography master class that covers everything from camera basics, lenses, and lighting to exposure, aperture, and composition. Then there are seven dedicated courses for Adobe Photoshop, the big dog of photo editing software. There’s a massive learning curve for this program, but these courses will help you understand. You’ll actually learn by doing through Photoshop projects you can follow along with from scratch. 

Then there are also eight courses covering Lightroom and three covering GIMP, which are both excellent alternatives to Photoshop in case you aren’t feeling brave enough to tackle that beast.

Taught by Chris Parker, a professional photographer with three decades of experience, these courses are dedicated to helping photographers of all skill levels achieve their creative visions. As an instructor, Parker has earned an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 145,000 students. 

Individually, these courses would total nearly $2,000, but you can snag them bundled together for only $39.99. That’s about a 97% discount for those keeping score. 

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