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Mud, wine spills, and other general floor grime — things that a robot vacuum can't tackle, but a robot mop can.

Mud, wine spills, and other general floor grime — things that a robot vacuum can’t tackle, but a robot mop can.

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Save $50: The iRobot Braava Jet M6 robot mop is on sale for $399.99 — a discount that matches its lowest price ever at Amazon.

Mopping should be an integral part of everyone’s spring cleaning, but it’s often a step that gets ignored. It’s much easier to pretend like we’re *not* stepping on dried bottom-of-shoe gunk with our bare feet.

No one wants to mop manually, let alone get on their knees to scrub. That’s understandable. A robot mop like iRobot’s Braava Jet M6 picks up where a robot vacuum leaves off, and you can grab it for its lowest price ever at Amazon of $399.99. That $50 discount is one that even iRobot’s official website doesn’t have.

The successor to the Braava jet 380t and 240, the M6 is more compact and modern. But that smaller body is still able to house a bigger water tank than its siblings, and a full battery gives the M6 enough juice to power through 1,000 square feet. This works for folks with big homes who’d prefer the floor to be done in one round, as well as apartment dwellers who won’t have to charge their M6 after each cleaning.

Like a Roomba, the M6 uses iRobot’s mapping technology to remember floor plans and navigate around furniture, cabinets, and stairs. High-traffic areas are sniffed out with sensors that trigger the precision jet sprays and cleaning pads. Deep spot cleaning may still require some elbow grease, but the M6 will get the worst of it.

If you don’t already have a robot vacuum, the M6 technically has dry sweeping capabilities. Most customers agree that its suction can only really tackle small spot sweeping of light debris, however.

Don't leave mopping out of spring cleaning. Save $50 on iRobot's robot mop instead.

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