There’s no specifics as to when we’ll see e-readers or pen-compatible e-note devices featuring E Ink’s new Gallery 3 screen tech (hopefully later this year), but in addition to boasting about its improved specs, the company also demonstrated the flexibility of the displays through a couple of chunky prototypes.

Like the OLED displays that make devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 possible, E Ink’s electronic paper displays are flexible and durable as well, which means we could also eventually see foldable e-readers or e-notes that are just as easy to travel. Of course, there would feature screens nearly twice the size, to accommodate the larger layouts of magazines and newspapers—two formats that don’t reflow well and are hard to read on devices like the Amazon Kindle. Again, there’s no timeline for when we’ll actually see devices like this released, but it’s a future that E Ink is clearly heavily invested in and wants to see happen.

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