There are a few brands out there in the tech world that, while more expensive than the competition, tend to offer the top-tier services. One of those brands is EE and while it usually puts out the highest prices amongst the networks, its recent offer is a market-leader.

On its 100GB of data SIM only plan, EE is currently dropping the monthly costs right down to just £20. That puts it in line with a host of other SIM only deals including Virgin, Three, Smarty and more.

But where EE lands an additional bonus over the competition is through its use of subscriptions. When you join EE, you get access to 27 months’ worth of free subscriptions, broken down into a few key services worth around £200 in total according to EE:

  • BT Sport: three month subscription
  • Apple Music: six month subscription
  • BritBox: six month subscription
  • Apple News+: six month subscription
  • MTV Play: six month subscription

EE allows you to activate these different services for free by texting a code to specific numbers (all displayed here). This means you can activate them all at the same time or randomly as you want them.

You can find out more about this EE offer below:

EE’s big data SIM only deal:

Why go for an EE SIM only deal?

As we mentioned above, EE has been the most popular network in the UK for a while and there are a few reasons it stands out:

A market-leader for speeds: EE currently offers the fastest speeds available in the UK, beating out the other main networks.

Free subscriptions: we’ve said it already and we’ll say it again, there is a lot of value available in the wide range of free subscriptions EE is throwing in.

Data gifting and caps: with EE you are able to gift your data to other EE customers, a great feature considering you are unlikely to go through 100GB each month! And if you are really powering through your data, EE also offers caps so you can stop going over the limit.

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