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TL;DR: Video chat for hours without even having to actually hold your phone with the Pictar Video Chat Kit for $94.99, a 26% savings as of June 3.

Are you missing your loved ones a little extra hard lately? Whether you live hundreds of miles apart or down the street, the way we connect with friends and family has drastically changed with the pandemic. But the need to keep those groups tight has only increased. Game nights, dates, birthday celebrations, and graduations have all taken a different form, and video chats are a huge contributor to helping make special events a reality.

That’s why something like the Pictar Video Chat Kit is so cool. It includes three key upgrades for an awesome video chat experience: great lighting, a sturdy tripod, and tons of options for getting the perfect angle. 

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The kit itself comes with the Picture Wide-Angle Smart Lens, the Splat 3N1 tripod, and the Pictar Smart Light. With the Smart Lens, you’ll give your friends the best visibility, so they can see every facial expression and get a full range of options like landscape layouts to fit even more faces into group chats. The lens doubles the angle view, so no more worrying about cutting off half of your spouse’s face when you both can’t fit in one view. As a bonus, it’s also a really great addition to your phone’s camera with included 20 shooting modes.

Next, the included compact LED lamp fits on your camera or smartphone to drastically improve your lighting wherever you are. Just make sure you charge the Smart Light battery for two hours of full brightness. 

And lastly, the Splat 3N1 tripod makes it easy to sit back, relax, and enjoy a video chat without holding your phone or finding a makeshift solution. Not to mention it’s a great accessory to bring along for selfie opportunities when you’re out and about. 

If you’re looking to amplify your video and photography skills, try out the Pictar Video Chat Kit, which is currently on sale for $94.99, a nice drop from its original $129.99 price. Your selfie game will thank you.

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