For a lot of car nerds, the passion began before they could even drive, with toy cars like the diecast scale models made by Matchbox.

Matchbox might be single-handedly responsible for getting more kids into cars than anyone, or anything, else. That company is the reason I smile every time I see an E31 era BMW 8 Series.

Now, in keeping with the times, Matchbox is releasing a bunch of new models of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Roadster, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, i8, and an e-Star delivery van.

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Credit: Matchbox
Matchbox is updating its product line with a host of EVs and sustainable vehicles. It’s also making them out of recycled materials.

While making models of EVs will surely get youngsters interested in the electric revolution, Matchbox is also taking on some responsibility itself.

The new electrically inspired models will be made from recycled materials, and so will the packaging! The company has committed, like many real EV makers, to being more responsible with how it makes its cars.

By 2030, the company has pledged to make all of its cars, playsets, and packaging with 100% recycled materials.

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Credit: Matchbox
Matchbox is going to make its EV models from recycled materials.

“Since the inception of the modern-day diecast car nearly 70 years ago, Matchbox has been using design and innovation to connect kids with the real world around them through play,” said Roberto Stanichi, global head of vehicles at Mattel, Matchbox’s parent company.

The Matchbox Tesla Roadster will be made from 99% recycled materials and will be available from 2022.

At this rate, we might actually get the Matchbox Roadster before Tesla comes out with the real one.

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