Sabrent 8TB Rocket Q SSD – $1,499.99 at Newegg
(£1,799.99/roughly AU$2,950)
This massive 8TB SSD from Sabrent is far cheaper than we were expecting. It’s the only SSD to combine an 8TB capacity with this form factor, and it delivers some truly spectacular read/write speeds too.View Deal

The Sabrent 8TB Rocket Q SSD has finally been given a price tag, and it’s cheaper than we expected. The drive is now available from Newegg at $1,499.99 (roughly £1,200/AU$2,200).

This might sound expensive, but it’s not actually that bad for what is the only SSD to combine this form factor and size. Newegg even allows you to pay for the drive over 12 months if you prefer.

8TB solid state drives have been around for a while, but have never been this cheap. We reviewed the Integral SVR Pro 100 SRI back in January 2017, which was more than twice as expensive. Cheaper drives like the 7.68TB Micron 5210 Ion SSD are available, but are also far slower (because they use SATA interface) and are in a 2.5-inch form factor. 

At $187.50 per TB, Sabrent’s drive is 88% more expensive than the Inland Professional 1TB, the cheapest NVMe SSD per unit storage capacity on Amazon. The premium is significant, but worth it if you have a mobile workstation, for example, or for data center use cases.

While Sabrent uses QLC technology from Micron, which makes it slower than TLC-based products, it also has its own RKT 303 controller, allowing it to deliver spectacular speeds (3.3GBps and 2.9GBps on read/write speeds respectively) with high IOPS numbers to boot.

Combine this with a five year warranty and a 1.8PBW (yes, petabyte write warranty) and you have a seriously capable drive that should fulfill the needs of even the most demanding customers. As always, though, make sure you back up your data.

Bear in mind

  • If the Sabrent Rocket Q is unavailable in your region, you may need to use a specialist parcel forwarding service to take advantage of the deal.
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