Vader Immortal — the formerly Oculus-exclusive VR Star Wars experience from ILMxLAB — is coming to PlayStation VR this summer. The three episodes of the series are set to be bundled together into a single collected purchase for the port.

Designed as an episodic narrative virtual reality experience, Vader Immortal puts players into the digital shoes of a smuggler who gets drawn into a larger scheme from the infamous villain. The story sees players work with — and, eventually, face off against — the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.

The story, which was written by screenwriter David S. Goyer, is considered to be part of the sprawling Star Wars canon, and it plays out like a personal Star Wars theme park, according to a review from The Verge’s Adi Robertson. Until now, though, the only way to experience Vader Immortal has been to own an Oculus headset. The PSVR launch this summer will finally change that, making the title more accessible to a wider group of players.

There’s no price or exact release date for the PSVR port of Vader Immortal, but it’ll arrive later this summer.

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