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TL;DR: As of Aug. 20, the Wyze smart lock is on sale for $89.99 at Amazon — that’s a savings fo $17.99 (17%) and its lowest price ever on Amazon.

For parents, the school year is basically just all of the days melting together, only decipherable by which important item your kid forgot that day. Maybe it’s homework, or a permission slip, or a head’s up about a huge science project that’s due *checks notes* tomorrow.

But the dandy of all forgotten or lost items is the house key. Kids needing quick, easy access to the house when they’re alone is one of the reasons why we think a smart lock should be the first smart device your household looks into, even if you don’t do the whole Alexa or Google Assistant thing. (Though smart locks do work with those.) Plus, this year’s capricious in-person-to-remote learning schedules make it an even better time to make your home more accessible to your kids or a babysitter.

From the makers who brought you one of the most beloved security cams on Amazon, the Wyze Lock is straightforward and budget-friendly option that’s on sale for less than $100 today. This is its lowest price on Amazon ever, and one of the only times you’ll find a reliable smart lock even close to the $100 price point.

The Wyze lock is a retrofit lock, which means it works with your door’s existing deadbolt (instead of replacing it) and can still be unlocked with your existing keys. You’ll probably want that to be the worst case scenario, though. Otherwise, syncing your phone to the lock will activate auto-unlock for the lock to unlock when it senses your phone’s presence. Opening can also be done via the Wyze app with a key code or a simple toggle, which parents can do while away from home as long as the lock is connected to the home’s WiFi. The app will also send notifications when someone has unlocked the door (like when your kid arrives home from school) or when the door has been left cracked open.

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