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It humidifies, purifies and chills the air.
It humidifies, purifies and chills the air.

Image: evaSmart

TL;DR: Stay cool while on-the-go with a personal air cooler like the evaLIGHT Plus, on sale for $128.99 (a 13% savings) as of June 22. 

It’s the hottest season of the year, which means it’s about the time we all usually crank up the air conditioning. And as a result, we all see massive hikes on our electric bills while Mother Nature cries.

But why do you need to cool down your entire house, when you’re only occupying one or two rooms most of the time? It seems wasteful and not exactly eco-friendly. What if, instead, you had your own personal air cooler that you could just transfer from room to room when you needed it? That’s exactly what EvaPolar A/C units were made for, and the latest one – the evaLIGHT Plus – is about to soothe your summer woes.

As an Amazon’s Choice at 4 out of 5 stars, the evaLIGHT is a best-selling evaporative air cooler that not only chills the air, but also purifies and humidifies at a whisper-quiet level for a comfortable and clean personal space. It works best for small spaces of about 45 square feet (a desk, bed, couch, etc.), allowing you to tweak the immediate space around you for your own specific comfort. Set it up by simply adding water and plugging it into a power supply via USB. It then uses natural, energy-efficient evaporative cooling to drop the temperature around you and improve overall air quality. You can make precise adjustments to your preference using the control wheel and even change up the full spectrum LED lighting to suit your mood.

Learn more in the video below: 

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Is it going to cool down your entire home? No. But it’s a great way to stay cool throughout the night, while you’re working, or while you’re binge-watching Netflix without cranking up the AC. You can even bring it with you camping for a way to chill out after a hike.

The best part is that the evaLIGHT Plus only consumes 10W of electricity and costs just $128.99 (usually $149) for a limited time during this sale.

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