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The Wicked Ball is designed to withstand your pet's inevitable biting.
The Wicked Ball is designed to withstand your pet’s inevitable biting.

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TL;DR: Keep your dog or cat entertained with a Wicked Ball for $42.95, a 12% savings as of May 16.

It’s not just you who is bored out of your mind from being cooped up at home for far too long. Your furry friends are probably feeling weary, too. As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to eliminate their feelings of loneliness and boredom — especially during this challenging time. 

For dogs, the Wicked Ball might be a great solution for giving them the interaction and exercise they crave while they’re stuck at home. It’s 100% automatic and equipped with three interaction modes to match different activity levels. Plus, it has a snack hole designed for placing treats, so you can easily get them to play — assuming your dog is a dog (aka likes treats). The built-in interactions play to their innate hunting instincts, leading Fido to fully mobilize his or her enthusiasm and curiosity. In other words, it’s not a regular dog toy; it’s a cool dog toy.

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Of course, there’s something for cats, too. The Wicked Ball for kitties is also 100% automatic with various interaction modes to match different activity levels. There’s an intelligent companion mode to balance activity and rest with 10-minute play and 30-minute rest cycles. It’s also durable so it can withstand your pet’s inevitable biting, gnawing, and scratching. Plus, it lasts up to eight hours with a single full charge when in gentle mode, so you may even be able to make it through the workday uninterrupted.

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Get the Wicked Ball for Dogs and Wicked Ball for Cats for only $42.95.

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