Link has no shortage of ways to fight the forces of evil in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Between his expanding arsenal of weapons, bows, and even building deathtraps with his new abilities, you might think you have all the tools available to you. For those who are up to the challenge, however, there exists one hidden move called the Earthwake that Link can learn. This move lets you pull off an awesome attack a lot of players might never see. If you want to add this cool-looking move to your arsenal, here’s how to learn the Earthwake technique in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to get the Earthwake move

The Earthwake move is a special move only taught to the Yiga Clan blademasters, so you will need to first go undercover in their hideout. To do so without instantly being assaulted, you need to find and wear the full Yiga armor set.

Step 1: Enter the Yiga Clan hideout wearing their armor.

Link talking to the blademaster.

Step 2: In the back of the hideout, you will find the Yiga Blademaster.

Step 3: Speak to him and take on his challenge.

Step 4: There are three prizes to win depending on how well you do:
– Defeat 3 enemies: Yiga Clan Fabric
– Defeat 6 enemies: Earthwake Manual
– Defeat 9 enemies: Lightning Helmet

Step 5: Complete the challenge by defeating at least six enemies to get the Earthwake Manual.

Link getting the earthwake manual.

To perform the Earthwake move, simply unequip all your weapons and hold Y to charge up Link’s fist. When charged – which drains some stamina – he will punch the ground and send a small geyser of wind shooting forward along the ground.

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