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TL;DR: Upgrade your bathroom with the Aim to Wash bidet attachment for $49.99, a 28% savings as of May 26.

The sudden toilet paper shortage of 2020 likely inspired you to do one of two things: join the hoarders or investigate other options. Chances are that if you chose the latter, you landed on baby wipes (bad) or a bidet (good).

But the fact is that other countries have relied on bidet attachments long before coronavirus, and the environmental perks are one of the great reasons why. 

After watching hoards of people pack their shopping cards with warehouse quantities of toilet paper, it will come as no surprise that over 3 million tons of toilet paper are used and flushed down the drain each year in the United States alone. That equates to 54 million trees being cut down to do a dirty job that can’t be recycled. 

But you can skip the toilet paper and snag the Aim to Wash bidet for under $50, and all you’ll continue to pay for is your water bill. The small switch to this bidet attachment can reduce toilet paper consumption by up to 80%.

In addition to helping the planet, a bidet may actually be a great change for your overall hygiene. A dry wipe with paper merely wipes and uses your own hands. The Aim to Wash bidet attachment washes with every use and is self-cleaning before and after use. It’s also adjustable, which is basically like having both an ultra-soft and single-ply roll of traditional paper handy for everyone who uses your bathroom. This bidet includes dial knobs for easy control and maximum cleaning, along with angle adjustments. The comprehensive options are easy to set up yourself and can be done in under 10 minutes.

Get it on sale while you can. You know how people are about their bathroom gear. Or have you learned nothing?

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