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Get accessible muscle relief.
Get accessible muscle relief.

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TL;DR: Get the muscle relief you’ve been needing with the VBX Pro handheld massage therapy gun for $139.99, a 71% savings as of May 30.

Personal, at-home massagers can get a bad rap. Think massagers with vibrations so intense that you’re left in even more pain than you started with. The terminology for these machines can also be falsely appealing, with names like the “G-Force,” which sounds more like a Gatorade flavor than a relaxation device. It’s understandable that people are really skeptical, but you don’t have to swear them all off.

The VBX Pro distributes oscillating vibration technology through your body, so each of your muscles has to react to the imbalance of movement. Without you needing to actively do anything, your muscles will contract, toning them, relieving stiffness and aches, and maybe even making you more flexible. Think of it as a super low stakes workout with a ton of benefits.

The VBX Pro comes with seven different attachments to target different areas of the body, and even claims to help reduce cellulite and increase bone density. At the very least, it 100% feels great.

If you’re looking to reduce pain and increase circulation of oxygen and blood in your body, the VBX Pro with its seven attachments is on sale for $139.99, which is a massive 71% off the usual price of $499. You can take care of your injuries, improve your flexibility, and feel freaking great (without going to the spa) thanks to this deal.

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