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TL;DR: Leave oil behind and take $85 off this Cuisinart air fry toaster oven — dropping the price to just $99.95 as of June 29. 

If you’re looking for any kitchen tool or accessory, odds are you can find it at Sur La Table. If you’re looking for any small kitchen appliance — and would prefer to catch it at a sale price  — odds are you can find it in Sur La Table’s Cuisinart section which happens to be having some major deals going on right now as an early Fourth of July celebration. 

Have some fun with their ice cream maker ($144 off), get your caffeine fix with their 12-cup coffee maker ($105 off) or grab something that every kitchen should have — an air fryer. 

Cuisinart’s air fry toaster oven is designed to fit in with any kitchen (due to both its compact size and flattering stainless steel exterior) and allow you to whip up 2.5 lbs of food with just the turn of a dial. Right now, it’s nearly half off making it just $99.95 with free shipping. (For comparison, this model is still $157 on Amazon, for a used version.) 

The noise is minimal and the nonstick interior makes cleaning up easy. So what are you waiting for? Start making your wings, chicken, fries (and so much more) the healthier way. 

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