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Remember how, over approximately 52 minutes in 2010, the reptilian pulling levers in Mark Zuckerberg’s brain briefly fled his host and left a trembling wet man onstage at the mercy of Kara Swisher? You remember:

Today, that fateful conversation about privacy has turned ten years old. At the time, Zuckerberg was semi-recently apologizing for Facebook Beacon, the tool which showed everyone on Facebook your internet activity. That raised an uproar and a class-action lawsuit, and Zuckerberg’s sworn statement that he had learned lessons, but history has proven otherwise.

Closer to the 2010 interview, the media circulated an alleged record of Zuckerberg’s Harvard-era IM’s revealed his plan to “fuck over” (his words) the Winklevoss brothers, for whom he was creating a Facebook-adjacent dating site. And days before the interview, Zuckerberg was denying that Facebook shares data with advertisers. Commenting on the interview at the time, TechCrunch wrote that Zuckerberg “wasn’t exactly forthcoming” about privacy changes and relied on “well-worn anecdotes detailing why sharing is important.” Fast forward to the same day, ten years later…

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