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Dating is tough even in the best of times, but trying to maintain a healthy love life during a pandemic can be downright exhausting. Video call dates can often feel more like awkward job interviews than romantic rendezvous. Fortunately, Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s latest guest host John Legend has been trying to help set the mood.

Donning a white suit and seated at a piano, the singer crashed several socially distanced video dates to offer impromptu serenades. While some couples were treated to a performance of Legend’s romantic song “Conversations in the Dark”, others got an improvised tune based on their conversation, resulting in lyrics such as “Welcome to Atlanta / You can twerk your life away.”

“If it goes further we’re gonna have to have you sing at our ceremony,” said Etik from Atlanta, who was on a date with Ely from San Francisco.

“I’m available for weddings,” responded Legend. “But I will say, I’m very expensive.”