This holiday season is shaping up to be a hectic one, with both a global chip shortage and general shipping delays causing many headaches. But Maingear is offering a way to relieve at least one of your Christmas worries.

Maingear will be offering Christmas Delivery on some of its already discounted gaming rigs featuring Nvidia GeForce 30 series graphics cards. Discounted PCs include the Maingear Vybe with a RTX 3060 Ti and the Vybe with a RTX 3070. The Element Lite laptops with the Intel Core i5 and i7, as well the Maingear Forma gaming chair, are also available for Christmas Delivery.

Maingear is mainly known for its custom high-end gaming PCs and laptops, though it’s also known for a luxury Bitcoin mining PC it released several years ago. That said, though the price can be a bit steep, it’s worth the price of admission thanks to a professional build job and a lifetime support and labor warranty.

Of course it’s important to order now, and even the official site cautions buyers to shop early thanks to the worldwide shipping delays.

Analysis: Why pre-builds are king right now

Normally, many computer experts recommend building your own gaming PCs, as the price is much cheaper than paying for a pre-built one. However, the chip shortage has caused both a lack of availability and a massive spike in market prices for GPUs and even CPUs.

As such, many high-end chips are simply not available to the average buyer unless purchased in a pre-build. Maingear PCs in particular are well built and worth the steeper prices for one if you can afford it. Otherwise, other companies such as Dell offer their own pre-builds.