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The Discrete Mathematics Course is on sale.

The Discrete Mathematics Course is on sale.

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TL;DR: The Discrete Mathematics Course is on sale for £11.65 as of March 25, saving you 91% on list price.

Remember that joke when you were in school about math being useless? Let’s face it: You were wrong. It’s actually pretty useful. And while it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have to SIN COS TAN your way through life, you still need to master how numbers work, especially if you or your newly-homeschooled child is gunning for a highly technical job in STEM. 

If you’re diving deep into the world of mathematics and computer science or are trying to find some additional learning materials for your kids, the Discrete Mathematics Course is a great option. Taught by Miran Fattah, a Mathematics and Geophysics degree holder who boasts a 4.4 out of 5-star instructor rating, it covers the most essential topics that will touch every maths and science student at some point in their education.

It’s divided into eight distinct sections: sets, logic, number theory, proofs, functions, relations, graph theory, statistics, and combinatorics. Taught in a way that won’t confuse you as your maths teacher did, what you’ll learn is essential in the real world and will help you conquer the computer science field. Expect to learn fundamental topics in logic, the basic theorem of arithmetic, statistics and combinatorics 101, and so much more.

You can get this course on sale for only £11.65, a huge discount on the usual cost of £145. Either way, it’s a lot cheaper than hiring a personal tutor for your offspring.

Master mathematics and computer science with this online course