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Image: eero

TL;DR: TP-Link and eero mesh WiFi systems are on sale at Best Buy — save up to $100.

Home improvement has been a major theme of this time at home for many of us (that is, the ones lucky enough to have the time, or even to be at home). And that can include finally making the switch to a more reliable internet setup. Mesh WiFi systems are the best medicine for homes where the signal gets worse with each step away from the router, and 3-packs from eero and TP-Link are on sale at Best Buy.

Traditional routers with little antennae rely solely on signal strength, which is a total crapshoot in larger homes, two-story homes, or homes with brick walls. This would work if everyone was cool with sitting right next to the router when they need the internet, but there’s a better path.

Mesh systems cover those dead zones by creating a network with multiple access points, rerouting each device’s connection between those different access points to avoid interference and find the fastest connection. This requires two or three tiny router-like devices to be placed around the home, but they’re no bigger than an Alexa device and can be quickly set up with an app.

This three-pack of tri-band eeros spans three to five (or more) bedrooms and creates a low-latency mesh network throughout all corners of your home. Parents who want to keep an eye on a kid’s internet activity might be particularly interested in eero for its well-reviewed parental controls.

Smaller homes or apartments may not require a pack of three. The single eero AC Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System is on sale for $159 ($40 off).

Switch to a mesh system for less than the cost of a few internet bills with this three pack from TP-Link. The dual-band AC1200 M4 line uses MU-MIMO technology to give every device its own full-speed dedicated WiFi connection and can support up to 100 devices at once.