Buying or renting property in Dubai is never a fun task. There’s the endless driving around trying to set up viewings, apartments that look nothing like the photos, or real estate agents that can’t wait for you to sign on the dotted line.

If all of that sounds familiar and is enough to make you dread looking for property in Dubai, then there may be a solution on the horizon. Nomad Homes, a digital real estate platform designed to streamline buying and renting residential real estate, has launched its services in Dubai.

The company aims to use technology to ease the property search process, whether you’re in the market to buy or rent in Dubai. Home seekers are equipped with search tools, virtual tours, digital document signing and more, all of which are aimed at providing customers with an online experience from start to finish.

Nomad Homes Co-founders (L-R): Daniel Piehler, Helen Chen, and Damien Drap

Nomad Homes Co-founders (L-R): Daniel Piehler, Helen Chen, and Damien Drap (Image credit: Nomad Homes)

Virtual tours are available of different kinds, depending on your level of interest in a property. They range from 3D tours you can experience in your browser, to Instagram Live sessions where viewers can  ask questions, to a private 30-minute home tour over Zoom.

The company partners with local real estate brokerages to provide a growing inventory of unique, curated properties. Nomad’s machine learning algorithm then uses each customer’s unique requirements to suggest homes on its platform along with available matches throughout Dubai. It does this by looking at properties that have been added to a viewing cart, and comparing it with similar properties that match both requirements and budget. All properties are carefully reviewed for quality and accuracy to prevent any fake or duplicate information.

Each customer is matched with a dedicated Nomad Advisor to provide a hassle-free, concierge experience for any queries they may have. The Nomad Advisor becomes a customer’s single point of contact, removing the need to schedule and coordinate with multiple real estate agents. The company provides its advisors and all online tools completely free of cost, while ensuring that all customers receive prompt service any time they need it.

Nomad is also looking at ways to digitize the renting and buying process as much as possible, including having documents signed online digitally. Where a physical signature on a document is legally required, the company will send an advisor directly to your door for the correct paperwork. A digital payment structure is also planned for the future, which would then eliminate the need to write rent checks in advance, with payments being facilitated through Nomad instead.