After some time away for League Cup and FA Cup duties, Liverpool return to Premier League action today for a fixture against Nottingham Forest at City Ground. The Reds can’t afford to drop points as they continue to battle it out with Man City and Arsenal, while Forest are looking to stay clear of the relegation line, so this should be an interesting one.

The match starts at 10:00 a.m. ET, and in the United States it will be broadcast solely on Peacock. Here’s everything you need to know about the streaming service and how to watch a live stream of Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool.

Watch Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool on Peacock

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Peacock Premium, which is what you need to watch this match, costs $6 per month or $60 for the year. There is no Peacock TV free trial, but that’s OK, because this is the pefect time to sign up. Obviously, you’re here to watch Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool, and you’ll be able to watch that, but the always must-watch Manchester Derby on Sunday is also exclusively on Peacock.

In total, Peacock has every Premier League match that isn’t televised on USA Network or CNBC, which equates to about half of all the games for the season. It also has other EPL programming and a weekly whip-around live show during the busiest windows, so today when Tottenham vs Crystal Palace, Fulham vs Brighton, Newcastle vs Wolves, Brentford vs Chelsea and Everton vs West Ham are all on at the same time as this match, the show will jump from game-to-game during the biggest moments. There’s also other live sports, and if you get tired of that, you can dive into the thousands of hours of Peacock shows or Peacock movies that are available. And that’s all for $6.

Once signed up, you can watch a live stream of Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool on the Peacock website or app.

Watch Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool Live Stream from Abroad

NordVPN running on a MacBook Pro.

If you want to watch any content on Peacock from anywhere other than the United States, you’ll need to try a virtual private network (VPN), which masks your IP address and gets you around location restrictions. It’s worth noting that some streaming services block VPN’s, but it’s nevertheless worth a shot since this is the only way to watch the match on Peacock from abroad.

NordVPN is our recommendation due to its reliability and speed, but if you opt to take them up on their 30-day money-back guarantee and go with another VPN, you can reference our guides to the best VPN services or best VPN deals.

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