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You had us at "play longer."

You had us at “play longer.”

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SAVE $10: The Hori Nintendo Switch controller attachment makes the popular handheld console far more comfortable, and it’s $10 off at Amazon as of Jan. 11. 

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best handheld consoles ever created, and has a stellar game library to match. But it’s not perfect, and one of the biggest problems you’ll see people mention is the device’s Joy-Con controllers. Not only are they super uncomfortable to use after just a few hours of play, but they also don’t last very long — cases of tragic Joy-Con drift are plaguing Switch consoles everywhere. 

One surefire way to fix your Joy-Con woes, though, is to just ditch them for something better. The Hori Nintendo Switch controller attachment might just be your answer, and it’s $10 off its usual price at Amazon as of Jan. 11.

If you’ve played basically any other gaming console, the Hori attachment should feel familiar to you. It mimics the grip of the controllers that most people are used to, but adds in the detachability of the Joy-Con remotes. The attachment is much more ergonomic, allowing for longer, more comfortable play. You’ll get all of the included buttons that are present on the regular Joy-Con remotes, and it’s completely TV-dock-friendly, so you won’t have to keep taking them on and off. 

Enhance your Nintendo Switch experience for good — pick up a Hori Nintendo Switch controller attachment at Amazon and save $10

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