Police Discover More Than 1,000 Stuffed Wild Animals in Giant Taxidermy Bust

The collection also included a North African oryx, which was declared extinct in the year 2000, a group of addax, a critically endangered species of antelope from the Sahara desert, and the endangered Bengal tiger. Reports show that the private museum also displayed nearly 200 large ivory elephant tusks, as well as lions, snow leopards, and alligators. Overall, police estimate that the collection is worth over 29 million euros ($31.5 million).

The Civil Guard is currently looking over the documents provided by the owner of the collection to justify the possession of the stuffed animals. The CITES agreement requires official permits for the possession of specimens, whether dead or alive. The collection’s owner is said to be a wealthy businessman from Valencia who claims that he inherited the stuffed animals from his father, according to Las Provincias. He has not been arrested yet.

After seizing the collection, Spanish authorities are contemplating whether the collection can now be displayed at natural science museums in Spain, or donated to a non-profit organization for research purposes, Las Provincias reported.


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