Someone at Samsung appears to have committed a whoopsie today: the company seems to have leaked the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on its own Russian site. Behold:

The device was first spotted by Russian YouTuber @1garri (via Ishan Agarwal). While it’s not totally certain the device is supposed to be the Note 20 Ultra, several details point to this being the case.

For one, the device appears to sport a periscope lens like the existing Galaxy S20 Ultra. For another, it matches the shake posted by leakster Ice Universe — who also mentioned the phone would come in a copper color. Not to mention the image was found on, you know, Samsung’s own website; according to The Verge, someone appears to have accidentally uploaded the images to a page for the older Note 10.

The next Samsung event is expected to happen in early August, so it shouldn’t be too long until we find out more — not to mention further leaks sure to come in the following weeks. It wasn’t the only Samsung phone to leak today either; the upcoming Galaxy Flip Z 5G is also making the rounds today, though its design is very similar to the prior model.

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Published July 1, 2020 — 21:40 UTC

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