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TL;DR: Samsung phones, TVs, headphones, memory cards, and more are on sale at Amazon for Samsung Week — a pre-Labor Day two-week event from Aug. 24 to Sep. 6.

As a result of Prime Day moving from July to sometime in fall, Labor Day sales, Prime Day sales, and Black Friday sales are unprecedentedly… squished together. Shopping authorities are predicting how the madness will pan out as classic in-store stampedes will likely be avoided, but everything can be summed up into one main idea: Deals are going to start way earlier than every other year.

Samsung isn’t even waiting until Labor Day to start deals season — instead, it’s holding a two-week-long event on Amazon. Big-ticket tech items (items that people are usually on the hunt for on Prime Day or Black Friday) are up to 20% off, including S10+ and S20+ factory unlocked phones and Galaxy Buds bundles, Galaxy tablets, and the 2020 line of QLED TVs.

Select items will be featured as Deals of the Day, but discounts on other items should last for much of the two-week period. Here are our favorite deals (10% off or more) in your favorite categories, but you can shop all of the live Samsung Week deals here:

Mobile: Galaxy phones, Galaxy buds, and bundles — up to 20% off

Samsung Week at Amazon is here: Save on 2020 TVs, Galaxy Buds, more

Image: samsung

Factory unlocked Galaxy phones make up a big chunk of the mobile devices on sale. If you’re in need of a replacement phone (that’s actually a recent model) in the middle of a contract, these deals might save you from scouring Facebook Marketplace. Anyone who’s been eyeing the S20 5G since it came out should scope out the Galaxy Bud bundle deals. Depending on the original price of the phone itself, you could end up saving as much as a new pair of Galaxy Buds+ cost.

Not an AirPods person? You can snag the Galaxy Buds or Buds+ on sale sans the phone bundle, and the Buds+ are just a cent over their lowest price on Amazon ever. Before you ask: No, the purple BTS edition Buds are not on sale.

QLED 4K TVs and soundbars— up to 19% off

Samsung Week at Amazon is here: Save on 2020 TVs, Galaxy Buds, more

Image: samsung

At up to $802 off, splurging on Samsung’s 2020 QLED collection feels a little more justifiable than the prices that were first announced in March. If social distancing is going to drain your social calendar this fall and winter, you might as well spend your time at home with a nice ass TV, right?

Tablets — up to 18% off

Samsung Week at Amazon is here: Save on 2020 TVs, Galaxy Buds, more

Image: samsung

Back-to-school shopping may look different this year, but the need for a reliable computing, note-taking, and Netflix-streaming device is the same. For people who are most productive when taking notes on a touchscreen or kids who aren’t ready for their own laptop, the array of Samsung tablets on sale are the perfect mix of portable and affordable. The S6 Lite and its included S-Pen are a great choice for creative folks who don’t want an iPad.

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