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The Ableton Music Production Mastery bundle is on sale for £22.93 as of June 17.
The Ableton Music Production Mastery bundle is on sale for £22.93 as of June 17.

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TL;DR: The Ableton Music Production Mastery bundle is on sale for £22.93 as of June 17, saving you 97% on list price.

Maybe you’ve heard of Grimes? The pop-electronic musician from Vancouver has made a name for herself as a fiercely independent artist. She recorded and engineered her last two albums herself, rather than having a male producer do it. 

Grimes makes and masters her music with the help of Ableton Live, a music production software that allows for unbridled creativity while remaining user-friendly. That duality has made it the preferred digital audio workstation of not just Grimes, but many of her more mainstream peers, including Diplo, Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Flume.

If you’re interested in mixing bops like the pros, you should know that Ableton isn’t reserved for already-rich-and-famous hitmakers. As self-made Grimes has proven, any artist can use it — although a little training certainly helps if you have little to no experience as a DJ. Such training can be found in the form of a subscription to the Ableton Music Production Mastery bundle, an expert-taught education in music production that won’t break the bank.

The bundle includes seven different courses with varying degrees of difficulty that walk you through DJ and production techniques with Ableton. Some of the more advanced classes include lessons on Ableton Live’s audio effects capabilities and mastering with Audio Effect Racks, which will fine-tune your skills while encouraging innovation. You’ll even get a crash course in the (in)famous programming platform MaxForLive, a challenging yet awesome tool that lets you design your own instruments, effects, and devices. By the time you’ve wrapped up all seven classes, you should be making and mixing professional-quality beats worthy of a headline set.

A lifetime subscription to the Ableton Music Production Mastery bundle is normally priced at £1101, but is on sale for £22.93 as of June 17.

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