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“I don’t know what to say anymore, man,” said Late Night host Seth Meyers on Wednesday. “[President Donald Trump] just sucks. So hard.”

U.S. coronavirus infections are soaring, the economy is plummeting, and protests against racism and police brutality are still unmet by adequate change. Amidst all this, a prosecutor in the Roger Stone case has now testified that the U.S. Justice Department gave Stone favourable treatment due to his status as one of Trump’s allies. 

Though, as Meyers pointed out, it’s hard to focus on this “fresh new evidence of the depravity and amoral criminality of the Trump administration” considering the entire world is a massive trash fire right now.

“Trump is using the cover of a series of acute national crises from institutional racism and police brutality to the pandemic to the economic crash to dismantle the rule of law and protect himself and his cronies,” said Meyers. “It’s like if Nixon had managed to distract everyone from Watergate by crashing his car into a Dairy Queen.”

Trump has continued to actively pour petrol on the metaphorical blazing restaurant as well. Speaking about the coronavirus pandemic during a rally in Arizona, the president repeated the racist phrase “kung flu” to thunderous, incredibly disturbing cheers.

“You know, racists like to complain that the rules are changing all the time and they don’t know what’s okay to say [and] what isn’t, but that would have been racist in 1920,” said Meyers. 

“That’s like something a racist fourth grader would spray paint in the bathroom and get expelled for. Unless that school required two thirds of the Senate to vote to expel in which case Susan Collins would be telling us, ‘I think Timmy has learned his lesson in regards to spray painting.'”

It wasn’t even the first time Trump has used the phrase within past seven days, either. Trump also trotted out the racist term for his Tulsa rally originally scheduled to be held on Juneteenth — a move difficult to interpret as anything other than a massive middle finger to the Black community.

“This is a sociopathic political movement concerned only with amassing and maintaining power, and they’ve decided, amid Trump’s many failures, to double down on crude, bald-faced racism as their only hope of winning,” said Meyers.