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Liven up your family nights.
Liven up your family nights.

Image: cinemood

TL;DR: Keep yourself entertained while social distancing by picking up the CINEMOOD 360 projector for $328.99, a 34% savings as of May 10.

Getting a little stir crazy? Can’t remember what day it is? Kids driving you bonkers? All of the above?

At first, staying at home as a family seemed kinda, but after a few weeks, you may have exhausted all your creative ideas. Luckily, there’s a pretty awesome way to bring something new and exciting into your home. Meet CINEMOOD 360, a projector that can display a 360-degree image. 

While you most definitely can watch endless Netflix marathons with it and feel totally immersed in episodes of Tiger King, you can also use it to explore starry nights on YouTube, play motion games, immerse yourself in a concert, and so much more. The projector is designed specifically to easily access Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, YouTube, AmebaTV, and Moolt — plus it houses its own original content for you to explore. 

A standalone device with zero need for plugs, cables, or cords, CINEMOOD won’t get in the way of your family fun and the interactive games you’ll definitely want to play. All the included educational content comes from Disney and other respected streaming services, so you know it’s fun and full of awesome learning experiences. You can also access 40 digital books and short cartoons on the device, so add that to your list of activities.

While many of us are cooped up at home, this projector is a great way to liven up your family nights and school days. But that’s not to say you won’t love it even after all this is over. It’s portable, super lightweight, and can hold a charge up to five hours, so is perfect for camping or vacations.

For a limited time, the CINEMOOD 360 is on sale for $329.99, a 34% discount from its original $499. This isn’t a monthly streaming subscription, it’s a one time deal for endless activities and entertainment. And we could all use that. 

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