Sir Patrick Stewart promised us another sonnet on his 80th birthday, and you’d better believe he delivered.

Or at least, his BFF did (with a little help from Stewart’s wife, Sunny Ozell).

“Sunny and my team took over for my birthday, and arranged this gift for today’s reading,” Stewart wrote on Twitter on Monday, posting a video not from his own armchair, but that of his dear friend. “Sonnet 81 by Ian McKellen. Thank you, dear Ian.”

“A very happy birthday, dear Patrick,” says McKellen at the end of the video, after he’s finished his reading the sonnet dedicated to his friend. “Lots of love, Ian.”

That sonnet is the latest in Stewart’s ongoing series, in which he tries to read a Shakespeare sonnet every day during the coronavirus pandemic (he started the project back in March, and aside from a few breaks, he’s been going strong ever since).

Adorable stuff.