Another streaming service enters the market and proves that this is what the future of entertainment holds. South Africans are not being left behind when it comes to expanding choices and streaming subscriptions. 

Telkom is planning to launch its own video-on-demand streaming site. Unlike other international and local streaming platforms, it hopes to use the space to promote local content creators. 

To kick this off, Telkom have opened up a competition for aspiring directors, filmmakers, actors and comedians. 

Launch, service, price

The platform is expected to launch on November 30 and will host local music and educational content as well as series for its audience. In addition, a range of TV channels from major networks will also be available. 

Exactly what content audiences can expect has not been released by Telkom so it will be interesting to see what they bring to the table. 

The subscriptions will be available as daily, weekly or monthly options. This is a fairly unique payment system, as many others are strictly paid by month. 

Telkom hasn’t released the pricing for the service as of yet. 

The competition 

To kick off their #OpenUpTheIndustry campaign, Telkom are inviting content creators to make short clips as part of a nationwide competition. 

Those entering have three options under which they can tell their story. Either as a mobile telenovela (short drama), as a lifestyle segment which can be anything from cooking to sports or if none of that appeals, as a comedy routine. 

The clips have to be between 5-10 minutes and you can submit up to 3 of these if you like. 

The competition closes on November 30 and the panel of judges will pick a winner from each category. They will each received R100,000 in funding towards the production of their content. 

Find out all the rules and advice on Telkom’s dedicated site