TLDR: Save $20 on the latest Apple Watch Series 5 and check out all the new advancements.

If you’re one of those 2015 customers who took one look at the Apple Watch, noted its cold, glassy tech aesthetic and quickly vowed never to own one, it might be time for a reappraisal.

Possibly more than any other Apple product ever, the Apple Watch has embraced fun and quirky, even launching seasonal watchband collections that break out of the standard black and gunmetal grey to include fun colors like the milky green Seafoam or the orange sherbet-esque Vitamin C.

Of course, the tech itself has gone through some advancement and renaissance of its own, as you can see when you pick up the latest version, the Apple Watch Series 5 ($379.99 for the 40mm edition, $20 off from TNW Deals).

While the Series 5 is chock full of the Apple-friendly features you’d expect, it might be one of the simplest adds this time around that really has fans doing cartwheels for the latest version. The Series 5 is the first with an always-on status that keeps your watch face display and other vitals lit at all times.  No longer do you have to make weird sweeping motions with your wrist to get your watch to spring to life.

Meanwhile, the Series 5 is also the first Apple Watch to sport its own built in compass for map directions, a feature that’s been present in iPhones and iPads for years. There’s also an emergency SOS trigger that can call for help and notify your loved ones in the event of an actual emergency event.

Even with the additions, the Apple Watch still has all the advantages of an average smart watch, including text and email messaging, phone calls, notifications and more, all through either Bluetooth or WiFi once you’ve synch the watch to your iPhone.

Plus, there’s also access to the vast Apple Music archives, including over 60 million different songs, podcasts and audiobooks to pick through. 

So far, fans are loving the Apple Watch Series 5 with the esteemed CNET even going so far as to call this edition “the most feature-filled, well-performing wearable in existence.” Right now, you can get the compact 40mm version in black, white and pink sand color schemes for $379.99, a $20 savings off the regular price. Or bulk up with the larger 44mm model (also in black, white or pink sand) for $413.99, $16 off while this deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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