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Image: samsung

Save up to $800: Samsung’s The Frame TV is on sale for Black Friday — with savings up to 27% off, you can get the smallest model for $497.99 and the largest for $2,199.99.

If you’ve made it this far into the pandemic without upgrading that TV that you’ve had since college, your loyalty is commendable.

By now, you really deserve to splurge. The Frame, the TV-turned-art wall hanging that people won’t stop talking about, should be a top contender. This Black Friday, save up to 27% (between $120 and $800) on sizes from 43 to 75 inches, and get a custom bezel for free.

When it’s being watched, The Frame is a brilliant QLED TV. Quantum Dot Technology explores over a billion shades of color, making shows and movies pop of the screen without the usual washout. Each scene is sure to hit its full potential thanks to the addition of dual LED backlighting (5000K and 20000K backlight units), which enables the TV to vary color temperature until it finds the most lifelike one. With auto-adjusting contrast depending on whether the room is light or dark, you won’t be caught dead squinting.

The performance doesn’t stop once the watch party ends. Just like the name suggests, The Frame doubles as framed wall art once it has sensed that you’ve left the room — bringing the finest pieces from world-class museums and galleries to your walls without having to commit to a certain color scheme. (Each purchase gets you three-month access to the Art Store for free.) 

Ambient Mode also lets your TV virtually disappear into whatever wall is behind it, using a photo taken by you to get a grasp of the patterns it needs to recreate.

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