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The Toiletsaber is light, non-scratch, and safe to use for all toilets.
The Toiletsaber is light, non-scratch, and safe to use for all toilets.

Image: Mr. Sparkle

TL;DR: Keep your toilet clean with the Toiletsaber for $29.99, a 14% savings as of June 27.

Toilets are gross — full stop. It’s really no wonder why cleaning the bathroom and unclogging toilets happen to be among the most hated chores in America, and probably the entire world. Just the thought of touching that germ-y surface gives us the heebie-jeebies, but having to get rid of all grout? *barf*

If you’re like most people, you’re likely not cleaning your toilet as often as you should. But wait until you find out the best hack to get it over and done with: the Toiletsaber.

The Toiletsaber may not illuminate and kill bad guys like a lightsaber, but it offers a faster, hygienic way to unclog and clean toilets. It features a unique shape with a flexible head that effectively renders your toilet unclogged. At 28 inches, it’s long enough to cover all spots and allow for maximum contact with visible buildup all while keeping your hands away from all the icky stuff.

Even if you go ham with cleaning, your toilet won’t incur damage since its non-scratch, light, and designed to be shatterproof. It’s easy to clean, too — all it takes are a few wipes, and you can use it again until you get rid of all the clog. 

Snag the Toiletsaber for only $29.99, that’s 14% off the usual price of $34.99.

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