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Get the most out of your Baby Yoda experience with a Vizio P-Series Quantum TV.
Get the most out of your Baby Yoda experience with a Vizio P-Series Quantum TV.

Image: vizio

TL;DR: Upgrade to the advanced Vizio 65-inch P-Series Quantum 4K TV for $999.99 at Dell as of May 20. If the $400 discount is enough, the free $200 Dell gift card will certainly sweeten this deal. 

With streaming now more important than ever, it’s even harder to keep up with all of your friends’ recommendations. You’re barely through catching up with The Last Dance and you finally have time for The Great, but then your friend won’t stop talking about Never Have I Ever. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a new smart TV that helps you switch between all of your favorite streaming apps — this new Vizio deal from Dell arrives at a perfect time. 

Breeze through your streaming backlog with a Vizio 65-inch P-Series Quantum 4K TV on sale for just $999.99 at Dell. A $400 discount alone is enough to scratch that new TV itch you’ve had since you caved and signed up for Disney+. But it’s also hard to pass up a free $200 Dell gift card. After your TV ships, you’ll receive the gift card via email within 20 days. Can’t find a better excuse than to use it on a nice sound bar that transforms your living room into the home theater of your dreams. 

When your new TV arrives, prepare for a stunning image that puts your old HDTV to shame. The Vizio P-Series Quantum offers Ultra HD for exceptional detail. And it also leaves a lot of other 4K TVs in the dust with up to 115% more colors thanks to its Quantum Dot technology and four times the brightness. But it does much more than just show pretty colors. With 200 local dimming zones, the TV’s backlight can adjust to match whatever’s on-screen. This allows for deep blacks and higher contrasts, so anything will look fantastic whether you watch it in a bright or darker room. 

And whichever of the hundreds of streaming services you prefer, Vizio makes it easier to access each through Vizio SmartCast. Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are right at your fingertips, or just take advantage of the built-in Chromecast if you prefer. If gaming is how you prefer to spend your downtime, the P-Series Quantum provides gamers with some excellent motion handling and fast response time for action-heavy games. Besides, that free $200 gift card can go a long way towards stocking up on new games for the summer

But for a TV that does everything very well, it’s hard to beat the Vizio P-Series Quantum that does it all for under $1,000. And a free $200 gift card is how you can get the most out of some of the upcoming Memorial Day deals from Dell.