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Handpicked lessons and courses make it easy and fun.
Handpicked lessons and courses make it easy and fun.

Image: Learnable

TL;DR: Learn to code with a lifetime of Learnable for $39.99, a 77% savings as of May 27.

Not everyone learns the same way. If you actually want to retain information, you need to absorb it in a way that makes sense to you. That’s what the folks at Learnable had in mind when developing this app that teaches you how to code from scratch.

Coding is one of the most impressive and lucrative skills you can have these days. And it’s not just for web developers either. Whether you’re building a personal website, creating a blog, contributing to an online publication, or putting together a professional portfolio, understanding the basics of coding can go a long way. But learning to code is no walk in the park. Most courses are convoluted and end up driving people away. 

Learnable is an e-learning platform with handpicked lessons and courses that make learning to code easy and fun. It’s set up sort of like a video game. As you work your way through the lessons, you’ll earn badges and level up until you become a coding master. You can choose your desired language: C#, C++, PHP, Swift, Java, SQL, Python, and more. Then, work your way through each lesson at your own pace anywhere, anytime.

Here’s a quick demo to give you an idea:

[embedded content]

And since learning to code is hard work, there’s even a built-in meditation app to help you breathe in between the blood, sweat, and tears. You can access all of the features — including a Study Planner where you keep all your notes — on your desktop or on the mobile app. Sure beats sitting in a classroom, amirite?

A lifetime of Learnable is usually $179.40, but you can sign up on sale for just $39.99 and start coding immediately.