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The FusionX massage gun offers up to five hours of muscle relief with its heated vibration technology.
The FusionX massage gun offers up to five hours of muscle relief with its heated vibration technology.

Image: LifePro Fitness

TL;DR: Say goodbye to muscle pain with a FusionX heated massage gun for $199.99, a 33% savings as of Sept. 20. 

Whether you work out all the time or just on occasion, we can all agree on one thing: Sore muscles are a real buzzkill.

While foam rollers and stretching can help, they can only do so much. Massage therapy guns can be a total game-changer, and the FusionX Heated Massage Gun is on sale for nearly 50% off this weekend when you enter code VIPSALE20 at checkout. That takes the price from the original $299 all the way down to $159.99. You’re welcome.

If you haven’t seen similar massage guns on the sidelines of NBA games or in commercials for fancy gyms, here’s the skinny: it uses percussion therapy to pinpoint specific muscles just like a massage therapist would do. This particular model also uses heated vibration technology to penetrate even deeper into your muscles. The end goal is to alleviate soreness, stiffness, and any tenseness that you may be feeling (like those shoulders you’re clenching right now…) Another great bonus? It can help calm muscle spasms.

Check it out:

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You can use it pre and post-workout: The heat works to warm up your muscles so that you have a greater range of motion to absolutely crush your workout. Once you’ve sweated it out, the deep muscle relief setting will break up knots and relax overly tightened muscles. 

All in all, the massage gun is still portable enough (under two pounds) to bring on any trip; you’ll need it after long days traveling. It has a long-lasting battery life of up to five hours and comes with a rechargeable and removable lithium-ion battery. Just remember to get one before it sells out, and enter code VIPSALE20 to get this special price.