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SAVE $9.49: Tired of Nintendo’s Joy-Con remotes? This attachment is way more comfortable, and won’t subject you to tragic Joy-Con drift — also, it’s almost $10 off. 

We love the Nintendo Switch dearly, and because we love it so much, we feel we owe it to the impressive handheld console to be honest when there are things that can be improved on. Many are well aware that the Switch isn’t perfect — just look at the storage space — but one problem that has really been a pain for a select group of Nintendo Switch owners is that of Joy-Con drift. Basically, Nintendo’s proprietary Switch controllers degrade really quickly over time, and they’re not that cheap to replace. 

Thankfully, there are better third-party options that won’t subject you to the issues of the Joy-Con — this attachment from Hori is way more ergonomic and comfortable, and it’s almost $10 off at Amazon. Plus, no drift. 

There’s no real learning curve for switching over to this attachment from the Joy-Con remotes that you’ve most likely become used to by now. They snap right into the Switch’s body just like the regular Joy-Con does, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting started. The Hori attachment has a wide, comfortable grip akin to the controllers of other big-name consoles, features rear buttons, and is dock-friendly for when you need a charge.

Have your new and improved Joy-Con replacement at the ready — get the Hori Switch controller attachment at Amazon and save $9.49.

This Nintendo Switch attachment is way more comfortable than the Joy-Con, and it's on sale

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