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The device visually displays all that you need to know.
The device visually displays all that you need to know.


TL;DR: Make sure your meat is perfectly cooked with the GrillEye® Pro Plus hybrid grilling and smoking thermometer, on sale for $94.99 as of May 10.

Cooking meat can often feel like a guessing game. Sometimes, the outside looks perfectly seared, yet when you go to cut it open, you find that the inside is still icy cold. Other times, you may think you have finally prepared it just right, only to take a bite that is both chewy and dry. 

If that sounds familiar, you may just need a little help from a new friend, like this grilling and smoking thermometer aptly titled the GrillEye® Pro Plus

Whether you are grilling or smoking (or both), you can track up to eight different temperatures simultaneously with your smartphone and the included space-grade aluminum probes. Just set your preferences, such as how you’d like your steak cooked, and sit back while GrillEye keeps track.

The device itself is easy to use and visually displays all that you need to know. It features a 2.7-inch Active Matrix screen that adapts to display the information you need to see even in direct sunlight. Plus, its 60-degree rotating body will allow you to have a great view of the screen no matter where you are standing.

Want to see the GrillEye Pro Plus Thermometer in action? Check this out:

[embedded content]

We are all spending more time cooking at home, so might as well make the best of it. Get this thermometer for just $94.99 with code MASHGRILL5.

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