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The Wizap mosquito trap is a high-powered UV lamp that gets rid of insects in an eco-friendly way.
The Wizap mosquito trap is a high-powered UV lamp that gets rid of insects in an eco-friendly way.

Image: wizap

TL;DR: Get rid of pesky insects with a Wizap™ Monster 360° 3-in-1 mosquito trap for $71.99, a $77 savings as of Sept. 20. 

Whether you have a beautiful outdoor patio or a balcony big enough for a single lawn chair, you’re typically used to fighting off bugs until you eventually surrender and go inside. 

Getting rid of bugs is complicated, and most machines are eyesores at best.

The Wizap™ Monster 360° 3-in-1 Mosquito Trap is here to change that, though. It features an ultraviolet lamp that attracts all flying insects, a high-powered fan that sucks them in, and a 110-volt electrical grid that kills them instantly. All of that, and it looks like a sleek light fixture. It’s on sale for $89.99 down from $149 — a 39% discount. But for a limited time, you can take an extra 20% off with code VIPSALE20 and bring the price down to $71.99.

If you are wondering where exactly you would sit this little guy, there’s great news: You can mount it on a wall or sit it on a flat surface. It is only 13-inches long and 4.72-inches high, so it definitely won’t obstruct any outdoor area. No matter where you put it, it covers a surface area of 80-square-meters, which should definitely work for a patio or a porch space. Don’t worry about placing it somewhere close to your guests. At under 40-decibels of noise, it is even quieter than most electric fans. It also has 10-watts of power that goes to the LED light, as well as a fan with 1,800 RPM. Watch it do its thing:

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Another amazing aspect of this little insect repeller is that it can sense when it gets dark out, and it adjusts the LED light accordingly. This light control works around-the-clock at killing insects.

It’s totally pet and child-safe, and comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. It also comes with an AC adapter so that you don’t have to worry about setting it up. If you’re prepping your outdoor space for warm fall nights, this is the best deal you’ll find. Remember to enter code VIPSALE20 to snag it for $71.99.