Tinder is now testing a new interactive video feature in the form of live trivia, the company confirmed to The Verge on Thursday. The test will be rolling out to an undisclosed percentage of users and is designed to help Tinder experiment with live video while also matching people up. Because of this, there’s no set time when the trivia will show up, and the game’s mechanics could change frequently. Screenshots appear to suggest that the game will be between a group of people who can broadcast live. A live chat is also present.

“Similar to our first digital shared experience offered on Tinder, Swipe Night, we plan to bring more of these activities to Tinder in the future,” the company says. “However, these concepts are only a test and may never launch. We look forward to providing more information when it’s available.”

Swipe Night was a limited-run, weekly video series in the app that sent daters through a Choose Your Own Adventure-style storyline. They could then match up with others and discuss the decisions they made, giving them more to talk about than just what’s in their bio. Tinder said “millions” of people tuned into the first season and increased matches by 26 percent and conversations on the app by 12 percent. The company renewed the concept for a second season, but production has presumably halted while social distancing measures are in place.

The company has slowly introduced video and interactive experiences on its platform. It first did so with looping GIFs and then with Swipe Night. Match Group confirmed that Tinder would launch its own one-on-one video chat feature this year, as well, but this trivia function seems to be more of a way to help people connect and find something to do rather than just messaging.

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